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“TOUCHDOWN” – Catching up on the Super Bowl!


The Super Bowl is a very controversial topic for many people. Today I interviewed Autumn Khalan about her Super Bowl opinions, and here are some things she said.

When I started the interview I asked her about her favorite team, she replied with the 49ers because of Brock Purdy. I continued by asking who she thinks will make it to the next Super Bowl, should the Super Bowl continue, and who she would want to perform at halftime. She answered by saying the band “Cage the Elephant” and then continued to say, “They’re my favorite band and just have really good music. “These questions were basic and just gave me an idea of what she thinks about the Super Bowl in general.

 I then got into more opinionated questions that many people disagree on, the first question in this “category” was, did Taylor Swift ruin the Super Bowl, why or why not? Autumn answered by saying “Yes but it’s not her fault”, the Super Bowl uses her for more publicity and money, by drawing cameras towards her. Also, the fact that the number of people is increasing at NFL games because of Taylor. I followed up by asking about her personal opinion on Taylor being at the games. She replied with the statement “It is good she’s supporting her partner, but they are overshowing and exploiting her. “I appreciate how, while answering these questions she wasn’t plain out dissing Taylor or the fact she was there, but being considerate of the reasons she was there and how she can’t control who they show at the Super Bowl.

Our most recent winners of the Super Bowl (the Chiefs) have just won their second season in a row, I questioned Autumn on how she felt about this and she said “it’s sometimes good to have teams repeat wins, but they’re streak will not continue” she then went on to say how they will have such a high ego and so much pride they won’t focus in as much and fumble the game. The question I chose to close this interview is probably the most heated topic between 49er fans and Chiefs fans, this is the question of is the Super Bowl scripted or not. “Autumn answered this final question by saying “Yes, the winners of the games are scripted, but they can’t script the plays. “Whether you agree with Autumn Khalan or not, these are some interesting current opinion-filled questions and answers about the Super Bowl.

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