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When viewing an art piece- you look at it, admire it, wonder about it, and leave, but why were you drawn to it and took time to think about it?

Now, most people know the difference between good and bad art. Art that lures you in, and art that drives you away. Art that you admire, and art that you frown at. There is even good art that doesn’t tell a story, therefore keeping you away. Knowing there are good and bad art pieces, what makes art appealing and why? Does it go deeper than being visually appealing? Is science the answer? This is being answered here!

Art is the thing that you look at for your entertainment, the thing you can spend as little as seconds looking at, but does it have a scientific side? The short answer is yes, but it goes into more detail. This is what the professional opinion, of Mrs. Justice, an art teacher at McCullough Junior High, has to say, “I believe that creativity is a big part of not just art and imagination, but also in your science and math classes you have to use your imagination to solve problems or to come up with a hypothesis. So, this (art class) is the place where you develop that imagination.” There is a scientific side to this, a side not many look at. And on the subject of science, what makes art appealing to our bodies? When asked this, Mrs. Justice said, “That mostly has to do with the way that the composition is put together, the way the pieces and elements in the work are put on paper. There is scientific proof. Something called the ‘golden ratio’ which helps make work appealing to the eye.” This shows art has a science side to it.

Details are huge in art. Without them, you are left with a main subject and white space. It is obvious details are important, but why? When asked this, Mrs. Justice said, “Detail can help fill in those lines when it comes to how the viewer depicts the work. When the viewer is looking at your piece you don’t want them to ask questions, so putting in those small details can explain exactly what you need to, to that viewer and have zero questions.” Details set the mood of an art piece. The viewer shouldn’t be confused. Even though details set the mood, it isn’t the most important part of art. Mrs. Justice believes, “the most important part of art is to express yourself.” So, no matter if you are an artist or just someone who scribbles rarely, all you have to do is be yourself for good results. 

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In conclusion, art is not just lines but a scheme of details out to trick your mind into looking at it. A scientifically modified masterpiece built to entertain the human body. And finally, just to be true to yourself and create authentically. Art can entertain and inspire.

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