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Hallway Traffic Jams


Have you ever been walking to your next class thinking everything is right in the world, you have good grades, you got a A on your math test and today instead mom packing you a day old tuna sandwich she gave you a whole bag of chips to eat, and you’re as happy as can be, but that’s when the line stops moving and before you know you’re in one of the famous hallway traffic jams.

Hallway traffic jams are one of the things in schools that happen all too often, why? Because of many things, the biggest reason why is because of the students. Many students like to stand in the middle of the crowd and talk to their friends about a lot of things, whose ponytail is higher or whose shoes are cleaner, or they would go the opposite way other people are going. The reasons for this may be because they’re trying to delay getting to class. Or they just spotted their friend that doesn’t have any classes with them. for whatever reason it is it blocks other students from getting to class.” Everyone just stands in the middle of the crowd of people who are trying to get to their class, and everyone gets irritated by how much time there wasting” -Bahati Wright a 7th grader.

The more this happens the more irritated people tend to get and that’s when things start to turn, due to the rush of getting to class people start pushing their way through , which leads to more people pushing just because of some students causing a blockage .”it’s like the hunger games out there everyone is being rude, no one lets you through so in the end you have to push your way through and it turns into a huge mess!”-Bahati Wright. “The teachers try to help calm things down by saying “walk and talk” which sometimes works but other times students are just ignoring the teachers thinking they’re not causing any harm.”-Bahati Wright.

This proves that students aren’t thinking that stopping to talk has any effect on their fellow students around them. The fact that they don’t notice that their affecting other people leads to more hallway traffic jams from happening. In conclusion the hallway traffic jams are one of the school’s most irritating things for students, and the worst part is that the students blocking aren’t aware of the trouble they cause when they talk or crowd in the middle of the hallways.

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